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Telestream Coupon Code

Telestream LLC is today’s prominent digital company providing a wide range of software solutions and programs. The company was launched in 1998 in Nevada, California USA and by 2006; it had acquired four strategic acquisitions.

Over the years, the privately held company has tremendously grown to command a huge online and offline presence. Telestream started with only 11 employees but its workforce today is over200. Besides, it has on its back major diversifications in many locations including Sterling, Virginia, California, and countries like Germany among many other places.

This has seen the LLC provide diverse services to major top fortune 100 companies and other key players in the entertainment industry, broadcasting, education, medical field, advertising agencies, corporations, healthcare providers, educational facilities, video consumers, government entities plus millions of interested groups across the globe.

Telestream Products

Telestream has increased its revenue generation through expansion of its streaming operations. This has widely helped the media industry target the world market effectively and efficiently.

To sustain its core objectives, this LLC classifies its products into 3 major categories and they include:

  • Desktop applications: These products include Pipeline (an encoder for Final cut Pro, Quick Time, MXF OPAtam, MXF OP1 among other platforms), Switch Screen Flow, Flip4Mac(QuickTime component that helps users play Macintosh devices and control or encode Windows Media videos), Wire Cast ( a popular live video broadcasting application) , and .episode. In addition, it provides live and on-demand video tool capability plus any workflow solutions for the seamless transformation of video content on a computer.
  • Enterprise systems: They also offer a wide range of enterprise products like Traffic manager, Vantage, Tempo, Lights speed, Server, Post Producer, and Pipeline.Apart from that, Telestream LLC remains one of the most competitive global sources for closed captioning like streaming, encoding, and transcoding plus many other products like Caption maker and MacCaption. Additionally, it has been keen to roll out its hardware services and legacy enterprise products to millions of interested parties across the globe.
  • Hardware and software solutions: to enable creators, distributors and content owners reach out to any global audience fast, this LLC provides hardware and software solutions including troubleshooting. Besides, it is one of the biggest most-sought after provider of services like screen casting, network-related tasks, video editing, and other numerous troubleshooting.

Telestream Performance and Services

Did you know in the year September 11, 2008, Telestream won the Emmy Award for its contribution to Technology and Engineering? By 2010, its revenues for enterprise products had risen up to 25% in the first quarter of the year while its desktop products expansion grew by 45%. This was a remarkable increase outperforming major media companies and some of the Fortune top 100 companies and Fortune 1000 multinational companies.

Statistics show the global cloud traffic from the year 2016 to 2021 is likely to change significantly. In 2018 alone, the cloud traffic in North America is projected to be as high as 3.8 Zettabytes annually. By 2021, the workload and computing instance density are likely to hit 13.2 from 8.8 in 2016. This is a paradigm shift from the conventional computing instance density of 2.4 as of 2016, which is likely to soar to 3.8.

The annual global cloud IP traffic will triple for the next five years. At the same time, the Global cloud IP traffic is to account for about 95% of the cumulative total data center traffic by the year 2021.

Telestream seems to be up to speed with these magnanimous statistics hence the introduction of the vantage services. Vantage application is workflow design and automation software that provides the integration capabilities with other programs using web services. Users are able to configure the vantage Notify action in web services workflows including vantage requirements available on web services. The web services facilitate over Http application interaction using SOAP.

Vantage gives value to the workflow designer in providing a list of web service based methods including their respective inputs and outputs parameters. This means users are able to exchange data at the same time scanning all methods applied through the service. With vantage service, workflow becomes meaningful and usable. At the same time it is easy to automate and embraces a lot of flexibility.

Telestream LLC’s Vantage is today’s fast-growing solution for metadata processing, video capturing, analysis graphics assembly, video file management in IT video locations, multi-screen video transcoding plus many other capabilities. The vantage transcode is a server transcoder running on the FlipFactory transcode engine with innovative file format support. These formats support functionality through the web, mobile, edit, cable, VOD, IPTV workflows among others.

Product Quality

When it comes to digital media processing prowess, no rival in the industry boasts the reliability and competitiveness that matches that of Telestream LLC. This is credited to the company’s is modernized engineering groups and highly dedicated customer service centers, ready to troubleshoot user software or applications problems quickly.

From small business enterprises like 3sixtymedia, Edit 123 to global media brands like BBC, CNN, MTV, FOX, CBS, among many other clients worldwide, Telestream is a reliable provider for all digital media solutions.

Things can go muddled in the world of file-based media. This is why Telestream files are encoded especially those with a wrong bitrate, freeze times, inappropriate captions or timecode plus much more other issues. To avoid such challenges, suitable QC tools are used to detect and resolve the problems early enough saving user’s time and money or at the worst, from potential lawsuits and fines in the legal course.

Telestream Prices and Discount Coupon

Telestream provides wide range software solutions and services like Flip4Mac, Screen Flow, and many others. In 2018, Telestream screen flow coupon code discount on-screen flow alone is to rise up to 40%.

Screen Flow is popular for screen recording, video editing, and screen casting software for Mac. This is helpful when recording any part of the screen. With this application, users can enjoy award-winning video solutions to inspect, create, capture and stream any kind of video.

For Telestream Coupon and Screen flow Discount Codes, the purchase of Screen flow 6 or 5 and apply the code comes with a 5% Telestream discount coupon bringing the initial $99 price to a significant downward adjustment of $94.05 only. This is also available on the free trial and you have ads including a watermark on your videos.

For Wire cast services, you enjoy a Telestream wire cast discount coupon of 5% on the purchase of wire cast 7, one of the award-winning and highly progressive video streaming software for both Mac and Windows.

On the Flip4Mac, users can enjoy a whopping 10% discount for all its windows media components for QuickTime. Flip4Mac helps users play and run at the same time windows media Mac platform. These rates are active for Pro, Studio Pro HD version, and others.

Support Services

Telestream classifies their support into four categories; silver support, gold, platinum and platinum plus services.

Silver support is dedicated to those customers in need of standard coverage on reasonable commercial activities. It is available for all vantage transcoding, vantage light speed, light speed live capture, workflow products, pipeline, Caption Maker, and MacCaption.

Gold Support is suited for a clientele that is in need of quick response plus extra personalized services. This includes reasonable commercial efforts.

Platinum Support: If there are customers in need of emergency services beyond the Telestream normal business hours. This means any emergency call is channeled to an answering service taking calls on notification to the company’s technicians.

Platinum Plus Support: this service is suitable for those in need of huge system support. However, Telestream LLC makes this available on an invite only.

Telestream customer care is a world-class excellence like no other. The enterprise maintenance and support team offers support, troubleshooting and many real-time solutions to clients regardless of their location worldwide.

The support team comprises of highly trained and skilled technicians and consultants. This team is able to make contacts using email or online platforms, telephone or video conferencing to address any client concerns. Telestream LLC provides product experts to support effective control of Telestream products.

Besides, it provides free software updates on all its products to check on bugs fixing and other development features. This means Telestream remains one of the dependable companies with access to latest product features at various support levels. A user maintenance and support guide is also provided for starters into Telestream products.


Telestream remains the ultimate provider of world-class live and on-demand digital video tools. In addition, it is no match when it comes to workflow solutions, enabling users including small and huge businesses enterprises to convert desktop videos.

With Telestream LLC, media stakeholders can reach bigger audiences as they generate the extra profits, thanks to fast turnarounds, check on deliveries while meeting tight schedules. Their systems boast quality standards, saving man hours on queues for consistent and accurate results. Their systems are not only friendly to use but also effortless to set up.

When it comes to pricing models, Telestream offers the most attractive via the discount codes; the Telestream wire cast coupon code, voucher codes, Telestream twitter coupon and coupon Telestream codes. There are hot deals to sign up to on every product from this company.